The trail word of the week is High Water!  Use caution when crossing creeks and inspect bridges before crossing.  In particular Bridge 3 in Cache Creek has water flowing over it, and the Crater and Lower History bridges broke under heavy winter snow load.  The trails are holding up well in spite of this with only a few scattered seeps and some damage from creeks flowing onto the trail itself.  The crews have been working hard to divert water off the trails back into the creeks, saving the day on Phillip’s Canyon, Blacks, West Game, Game, and Wilson Canyon to name a few.  More good news, all of Snow King is open and cleared with the exception a few trees we left at the top of Wilson Canyon just before the wash out to slow people down.  The Skyline Trail remains closed until July 1 for elk calving, please respect this closure.  Teton Pass is opening up too with good options being Big Rocks, Lower History, Crater, and Black Canyon for the first 2.5 miles.  Parallel and the Jumps Trail are dry although Jimmy’s still has some snow and muddy spots.  Phillip’s Canyon is clear almost to the Arrow junction and the Ridge Trail is good up to the switchbacks just below rock world.  The Ridge would be my recommendation for an out and back adventure this weekend.  Remember to tag any problems you see on the trails with #jhtrails as a quick way to let us know where we should go work next week!