The theme of the spring is trees down on the trails.  This week the crews cleared 22 trees off of Hagen and Putt Putt, 16 trees off of Crater and Lower History, and a whopping 91 trees off of Ferrins, Wilson Canyon, and West Game.  I would suggest that as the outing for the weekend, the burn section is really interesting with all of the trees blown over in the same direction.  The upper sections of Cache and Game are still holding snow and have a few wet spots and trees left to clear.  Old Pass Road is also open thanks to Team Jackson Hole, it is worth a trip to the top to see the 6 foot banks of snow.  The rest of Teton Pass is slowly melting out and trails can be accessed as out and backs from the lower trailheads.  If you notice down trees or other trail problems tag them in social media with #jhtrails and we will get out to fix the problem asap!