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Q - When will the Path22 project be complete? What are you going to build first? When is the bridge going to be done?

A - Construction of the project is broken into three segments. From west to east these are.

 Path22 Segment 1

Path22 Segment 2

Path22 Segment 3


  • Winter, 2012
    • The plan is for work to start on Segment 1 bridge this winter, as crews are prepared to start installing the bridge piers in the river bank and bed, and potentially installing portions of the bridge deck, as well.
  • Construction season, 2013
    • Segment 1 and Segment 2 work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the 2013 construction season.
    • Some portions of Segment 3, namely the north side of West Broadway will also be scheduled for completion by the end of construction season, 2013.
  • Construction season, 2014
    • Any work not completed on the West Broadway improvement project, most likely the south side of West Broadway.
    • Because of the limitations of some of the additional funding sources Town/County has secured for this portion of the project, this Phase needs to be completed by 2014 at the latest.

    Q - What is the Highway 22/West Broadway Pathway project budget?

    A - The total budget for the Highway 22/W. Broadway pathway project is $13.4 million. Here is a list of the funding sources for the project:

    • $3.1 million from Federal Grants.(Scenic byways program, FTA Bus Livability, Federal Transportation Enhancement Funding)
    • $6 million from 2008 SPET
    • $4.35 from the 2012 SPET

    Q - Wasn’t the 2008 SPET approved for this project?

    A - The project scope has expanded since the original vision of the project was considered and the amount of funding the Town/County envisioned was inadequate. The 2008 SPET project ballot provided $800,000 for the bridge, but the total cost for the bridge is $3 million. The 2008 SPET also provided $1 million for West Broadway enhancements, but the West Broadway enhancement project’s true cost is $3 - $4 million. There were also some cost increases to consider since the project was considered. Together that accounts for most of the $4.35 million the Town/County is seeking in the 2012 SPET ballot.

    Q - Will this fully fund the project?

    A - Yes. The Jackson Hole Community Pathways department has indicated that they will not be coming back to ask voters for additional funds for this project.

    Q - If the SPET ballot is approved will the Path 22/West Broadway pathway be funded first?

    A  - Potentially, yes, depending on what other projects are approved, what deadlines are associated with the other ballot items, and whether electeds opt to bond or use reserves for the project. If we have to wait until the money is in the bank, then the project timeline will be delayed. Elected officials and the JHCP department are hoping to avoid this because if there is a delay, the project will probably be more expensive, as there will more construction mobilizations and construction costs never go down.

    Q - Where is the Highway 22 pathway going? What is the alignment?

    A - As currently designed, Segment 1 and 2 alignment, from Emilys Pond to the Journeys School entrance will stick to the north and east side of Highway 22. Segment 2 alignment, from Journeys to the Y, will be on the south and west side of Highway 22. While a tunnel connection for the Skyline is desired, it is not currently in the project scope or cost estimates. However, the Town/County have had the access tunnel in the design since Day 1 and it is still in all alignment options. If the funding is available through project contigency funds, electeds could vote to include the tunnel in the final project.

    Q - What other pathways have been built with SPET funds?

    The community has a long history of support for using SPET funds for pathway construction. Here is an accounting of the SPET-funded pathway projects:


    • $947K for South Park Loop and School Campus Pathways (Prop. 2)


    • $6M for Construction of Highway 22/West Broadway Pathway (Prop. 1)
    • $1M for Construction of Sidewalks in the Town of Jackson (Prop. 2)


    • $850K for Construction of North Highway 89 Pathway (Prop. 7)
    • $1M for Town of Jackson Pedestrian Improvements (Prop. 11)

    Q - How are you dealing with crossings at the Y?

    A - As part of this project, there will be minor improvements at the Y to facilitate safe crossing, such as surface at-grade crossings and curb ramps. There are many ideas to make that busy intersection more safe for non-motorized access and crossing, and the Town/County is working with WYDOT to encourage them to accelerate their plans for improvements at the Y.

    Q - Why is West Broadway included in this ballot?

    A - With the Highway 22 pathway project a priority and WYDOT’s 5-way/Flat Creek improvement project starting, now is the time to completely connect users into downtown Jackson. If the West Broadway enhancement project was not included, the Town/County would have another gap that we would have to fill. As well, the Town/County has federal grants for that corridor that have to be used by the end of 2014, so the Town/County realize cost savings by including it in the Highway 22 pathways project scope.

    Q - Can I just vote for Path 22 on SPET or do I have to vote for all or none?

    Two other SPET initiatives will be on the ballot. Proposition 1 is TBD, Proposition 3 is TBD Votes for each proposition are independent of each other. Each stands or falls on its own. Each ballot question passes or fails on simple majority. You can vote for a single ballot item or none of them.

    Q - What happened to the original idea of hanging the pathway bridge off of the existing bridge?

    A - Trying to hang the pathway bridge off of the existing bridge is more expensive as you can’t just bolt the pathway bridge on to the roadway bridge. It would require structural reinforced girders throughout the entire bridge because of cantilever forces that would be put on the existing bridge. As well, crews would have to peel off the deck, reinforce the girders, reinforce the structure, and then repave the entire bridge. Plus you have to maintain two-way traffic on the bridge the entire time.

    In addition to being less expensive and intrusive, the approved bridge and pathway layout provides seamless connection between the new RLC Park and Emily’s Pond Planners and engineers realize that the tridge is not just going to serve as point a to point b connection, that it will also serve as recreational destination in itself. As well, the separated bridge is preferred as the bridge design can function as a secondary route for emergency access to West Bank in case the main bridge becomes blocked or inoperable.

    What questions do you have? Post them here as a comment, or email and we'll get you the answer.

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