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Project: 2011 Redmond Street Improvement Project

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UPDATE!! 11-4-11: Redmond Street construction is complete! Go check it out and THANK your elected officials for their vision in building a progressive, safe street!

Description: Redmond Street is getting a belly and face lift this summer: water mains are being replaced and the street is becoming a 'complete' one. 

Plan and Design Status: On Monday, February 14th, the Jackson Town Council unanimously voted for the Redmond Street reconstruction project proposed by Town staff and advocated by Friends of Pathways.

If you have been up near Redmond, the street is under construction and finally starting to take final shape. The project is scheduled to be completed this summer (2011). The project is precedent-setting for the Town of Jackson; basics of the redesign include:

Funding Available: $2 million (approximately)

Source: Utility fund for underground work; 2008 and 2010 SPET for sidewalks and street improvements.

Cost Estimate: $2 million

Action Needed: THANK your elected officials! The street is complete and looks fantastic!

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