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Project: West Broadway - Jackson Street to the 5-way

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West Broadway Peds stroller

Description: Complete Reconstruction of West Broadway between Jackson Street and the 5-Way Intersection, up to Flat Creek Bridge. The project goal it to make West Broadway a complete street, including pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, a mid-block pedestrian crossing, and bike lanes. 

Plan and Design Status: The sidewalks and cycle tracks on the West Side of Broadway is currently under construction.

Funding Available: Approximately $1 million was approved for West Broadway by Teton County voters in the 2001 SPET ballot. The funds have been held by the Town of Jackson, and will be used for the sidewalks and streetscape features. WYDOT will use approximately $4 million from NHS Federal funds for the highway reconstruction.

Source: Teton County SPET and Federal sources.

Cost Estimate: $5 million

Action Needed: Public Involvement may be needed for the WYDOT Final design phase. Friends of Pathways will be following up on the project. 



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