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Project: WY-22/West Broadway Pathway East Segment

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W Broadway walking

Description: New pathway connection from the Town bounday near Spring Gulch Road Intersecion along WY-22 to the "Y" Intersection with West Broadway, and along Broadway to the 5-way intersection.

Plan and Design Status: Conceptual design complete. On August 17, 2011 elected leaders directed staff to complete Final Design and Bid Documents for the pathway and sidewalk improvements for the WY-22 east segment, both sides of the highways from Spring Gulch Road junction to the Y and along West Broadway to Flat Creek Bridge by the 5-way intersection. This will cost an estimated $463,000 total. 

GOOD NEWS -- The Town of Jackson just was informed of winning a new Scenic Byway Grant of $1.25 million that will pay for the construction of sidewalk/pathway on the south side of Broadway (from Staples to Albertson's).

Funding Available: $500,000 SPET, plus new $1.25 million Federal funds, FY-11 Scenic Byway Program

Funding Source: SPET 2008; Scenic Byway Program

Cost Estimate: Initial costs will be in the range of $2 million; this will cover the final design costs for the entire project, and the cost of constructing the south side sidewalk/pathway. Additional funding will be needed for a future north side Pathway. The total for both sides of the highway are in the range of $4,020,000 for the total project.

Action Needed: Encourage county commissioners and town council members to secure the additional construction funding needed for the east segment construction. 




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