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Project: South Park Loop Multi-Use Pathway Bridge

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SPL path bridge

Description: A new multi-use pathway bridge over Flat Creek adjacent to South Park Loop Road which will connect the two existing sections of Pathways along Melody Ranch - the section from South Highway 89 to Flat Creek, and the pathway section just west of the bridge. 

Plan and Design Status: On August 15, 2011 Teton County began construction work to replace the existing South Park Loop Road Bridge over Flat Creek near Melody Ranch. This project requires closure of the South Park Loop Road in the vicinity of Melody Ranch for the entire 4-month construction period. Concurrent with the road bridge project, the County also began construction of a new pathway bridge over Flat Creek adjacent to South Park Loop Road. The bridges will be operational and South Park Loop Road will re-open by mid-December. 

Funding Available: The total project is approximately $1 million for the road bridge and path bridge. Teton County will pay for the road bridge from a variety of county and state funding sources. The Pathway bridge is approximately $342,000.

Source: Transportation Enhancement Grant-Local (TEAL) and 2006 South Park Pathways SPET.

Cost Estimate: $342,000 for the Pathway Bridge and tie-in to the existing pathways.

Action Needed: Thank your county commissioners for their commitment to this project. 

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