Share the Trails, Pathways and Streets:  Respect and Responsibility Code


      Street Rules


  • Ride with traffic
  • Obey Traffic Laws
  • Signal your intentions
  • Be predictable
  • Be visible
  • Wear a helmet


  • Find the safest place to cross the street
  • Look left, look right, then left again
  • Be predictable
  • Obey Traffic Laws


       Pathway Rules

  • Keep Right, Pass Left
  • Pass Safely – Be prepared to yield and announce your presence before passing
  • Obey Traffic Laws
  • Move to the side when you stop
  • Single file when others approach
  • Dogs must be under control
  • Scoop the Poop


        Trail Rules

  • Check for allowed uses
  • Bikes yield to others
  • View wildlife from afar
  • Reduce trail wear; avoid muddy trails
  • Prevent erosion; don’t short-cut trails
  • Announce your presence before passing
  • Dogs must be under control
  • Scoop the Poop

Be Nice Say Hi-01

BE NICE SAY HI – We are all trail users and we need to get along on the trails.  Be nice to each other even if it is just a quick “Hello” or “Have a nice ride/hike/run.”

Signal When Passing

SIGNAL WHEN PASSING – Let other trail users know as you approach them, especially from behind.  This is a good time to take out your headphones and say hi as you pass.


Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS – Leave the phones and music at home and pay attention to the wildflowers, the views, the wildlife, and the other trail users for your personal enjoyment and safety.


Poop Fairy 2

POOP FAIRY – Please pick up your dog’s poop.  There are Mutt Mitts and trash cans at each trailhead.  Use them and don’t leave little bags of poop lying beside the trail either, put it in the trash can before you go.

Ride Dirt Not Mud

RIDE DIRT, NOT MUD – Please don’t hike or ride your bike or horse when the trails are muddy.  Your footprint, tire tracks, and hoof prints cause drainage and erosion problems.  A good rule is to wait for the roads to dry after a rain before using the trails.

Play Clean Go

PLAY CLEAN GO – As you enjoy the trails, make sure you are cleaning your gear to prevent the spread of invasive weeds into our public lands.

Don't Shortcut

DON’T SHORTCUT – Stay on the trail!  If you want to go straight up something there are plenty of wonderful mountaineering opportunities in the Tetons.

Slow Zone

SLOW ZONE – There are congested areas on the trails particularly around Old Pass Road and Cache Creek.  When you are out on a busy sunny weekend please slow down and be courteous to other trail users.


Yield Sign Summer

YIELD TO OTHERS – Know who has the right of way. Horses always have the right of way on trails. Hikers need to yield to Horses. And Bikers yield to everyone including other Bikers travelling uphill.


DH Trail Responsibility-01

DOWNHILL TRAIL RESPONSIBILITY – Know what you are getting into and ride within your abilities.

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