Vote FOR the General Revenue Sales and Use Tax

Vote ‘FOR’ the county sales and use tax

– The tax will fund worker housing and transportation projects. 
– The amount of tax you pay will NOT increase.
– Visitors pay roughly 2/3 of general sales tax.

This is not a blank check:

Both the town and county have […]

Friends of Pathways Asks the Candidates: 1% General Sales Tax

Do you support the 1% local option sales tax for housing and transportation? If not, how do you propose to fund the goals set out in the Integrated Transportation Plan?

Candidates for Mayor
Sara Flitner: 

I do. And while I understand we all hate taxes, we also […]

Friends of Pathways Asks the Candidates: Integrated Transportation Plan

The Jackson/Teton County Integrated Transportation Plan (ITP) was adopted in September 2015 by the Board of County Commissioners and the Jackson Town Council. Have you read the ITP? And if so, what are your top three priorities?

Candidates for Mayor
Sara Flitner: Yes.

My top priorities are […]

Friends of Pathways Asks the Candidates: Bike Share

Do you support Bike Share as a program of START? Will you fund a Bike Share program in the 2017/18 Budget?

Candidates for Mayor
Sara Flitner: 

I led the charge to get us over the hump on Bike Share, in part because the County was so generous […]

Friends of Pathways Asks the Candidates: Last Time on a Bike

When was the last time you rode a bike, and where?

Candidates for Mayor
Sara Flitner: 

I got a great ride in during last week’s sunny weather, from my house out towards  the Village. As far as errands go, I use my cruiser a lot…I would use […]

Old Bill’s – Still Time!

Saturday’s Old Bill’s Fun Run was a great day for the Jackson Hole community. Thanks to everyone for participating and for visiting our booth in the historic town square for the 2016 Old Bill’s Fun Run! If you haven’t made your contributions yet- there’s […]

Trail Conditions for 9-8-16

We are working to finish the last 2 miles of the Skyline Trail.  We are working downhill towards the Game Creek Trail narrowing the wide bench that the trail machine built to support itself.  This involves pulling down the backslope to prevent erosion, slightly […]



Big News on the FOP-front today! Last night the Jackson Town Councilors voted big thumbs up for Bike Share.

Read All About It in the Jackson Hole News & Guide HERE

‘The Jackson bike share program became fully funded Tuesday night.

During its semimonthly meeting the Town […]

Old Bill’s Fun Run 2016



Here’s a little glance at just some of the ways Friends of Pathways has committed to supporting a vibrant community –




Promoting sustainable transportation and healthy recreation in Jackson Hole. […]

The Weekend With FOP

Howdy Strangers- Yonder is what a weekend in Jackson Hole can look like thanks to the efforts of our organization.

It’s easy to celebrate the weekend and in this case, the holiday weekend,  in good health and sustainable style The FOP WAY. It’s truly as […]