SPET Propositions #2, 3 & 4 Pass!

After an exciting evening at the polls, Friends of Pathways took a moment to connect with Brian Schilling at Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways.  His thoughts on the support for this year’s SPET Propositions follow:

For over a decade, the Town of Jackson/Teton County Pathways […]

Scoping Documents released in Grand Teton National Park and on the Bridger-Teton National Forest

Moose-Wilson Corridor Preliminary Alternatives Newsletter

Scoping: Greater Snow King Area Trail Projects

SPET Articles in News and Guide

SPET #2 Complete Streets
7.2.14 County seeks $2.25M for complete streets

SPET #3 N. Cache Complete Streets
Tax Project Would Fill Gap in N. Cache Path

SPET #4 South Park Loop Road
7.23.14 South Park pathway_worth SPET funds?



What IS that new paint on the road?

Bike lanes are defined bicycle travel lanes that are for cyclists only. They enable cyclists to ride at their own speed, without being influenced by prevailing traffic conditions and help to facilitate movement predictability between cyclists and motorists. They usually run curbside when no […]

Vote YES on SPET Propositions #4, 3 & 2!

Friends of Pathways supports and encourages the community to VOTE YES on SPET Initiatives # 4, 3 & 2. For more information and what folks are saying, visit the links below:

Proposition #4 South Park Loop Pathway
Vote YES to complete South Park Loop connecting 3 […]

Access August: Celebration Ride

The Celebration Ride is an annual occurrence that memorializes the life of Gabriella Axelrad, a 13 year old killed in a bicycle accident in Grand Teton National Park in 1999. Over the years, this landmark event has evolved from a memorial to a celebration of pathways and […]

Teton Food Tour this Sunday, July 27th



News and Guide Article on SPET #2 North Cache Improvements

Tax project would fill gap in N. Cache path
Voters to decide whether to use $1M in SPET funds for sidewalk from visitor center to pathway.
For $1 million the town of Jackson would like to give cyclists and pedestrians on North Cache a safe connection […]

South Park Loop FAQ

Did we vote for SPET funds to complete projects in South Park Loop before?

In 2006 SPET initiative approved $947,000 for “South Park Loop and Schools Campus Pathways.” This funded a number of projects, either fully or in part.  Some of the funding was leveraged […]

August 19: Vote YES on SPET 4, 3, 2

On August 19th, Teton County Voters will have the opportunity to fund 3 pathway related projects, the South Park Loop Pathway from 3 Creek to Melody Ranch, Complete Streets projects, and North Cache Pedestrian Improvements. Friends of Pathways encourages pathways supporters to VOTE YES […]