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Monday, 18 Nov 13 | Comment on this Post

PassWords: Keeping the Peace on your way to the Pass

There is no next best place to Teton Pass, but it can get busy on a powder day.  This week, we caught up with Jay Pistono to give you tips for success from the moment you leave your door, until you park your car.  

1. Before leaving your house, check the Avalanche Report and the Teton Pass Web Cam.  Know the conditions of the snow pack and make sure you're prepared if it will be busy to park. If conditions are unsafe or if the parking lot is too full, consider alternate plans.  There is parking at Phillips or Cole Creek Trailhead.

2. Avoid congestion in the parking lot by:
Carpooling whenever possible
Parking at the bottom and ride sharing to the top
Parking tight (45 cars fit with a large space between them, 60 cars have fit on the best day.)

3. If you arrive and the lot is full, line up behind any waiting cars. Remember to keep the waiting line out of the way of the flow of traffic and try to keep room for commuters to stop to clear their wipers, adjust their chains, ect. Turn on your flashers on and communicate with the other drivers.

4.  When you've parked your car, prep for your day behind your car, so others can get in and out of the parking lot easily.  Keep your dog under control and maker sure you have the proper saftey gear for a backcountry trip.

If you plan to Ride Share, we thank you, enjoy our Tips for Ride Share success.

The Pass Ambassador is a community-driven program with partner support from Friends of Pathways, the Bridger Teton National ForestTeton County Search and Rescue Foundation, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and others. The AmPassador program is also supported directly by Outdoor Research

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