4th OF JULY 10K




Join Friends of Pathways and Slow Food in the Tetons
for an afternoon of cruising the pathways for four small plates.

Along the way, stop for music and art while enjoying open space.

Plates will be provided by Aspen’s Market, Fine Dining’s Bodega, Bo B Q and Street Food.

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90% of respondents indicated that they use pathways and trails, 50% using them frequently. This amount of use demonstrates that public and private funds are being well used. “Every community says they’re exceptional and like to think they are, and you truly are,” said Chris Mehl, policy director of Headwaters Economics in Bozeman, Montana.  “You have a community, both town and county, that’s incredibly engaged in your overall trails and pathways system,” Mehl said. “It speaks well of your community.  That’s rare.” (JH News and Guide) On pathways, respondents demonstrated a very high level of satisfaction with summer maintenance and the general pathway system. Suggestions for improvements on pathways came in completing missing links, improving respectful use and improving winter grooming and plowing. On trails, respondents were also very satisfied with summer maintenance with the most respondents rating “more loop trails” and “separate user group experiences” as the most important improvements. Respondents would also like to see better use behavior, especially related to dogs. “I think this survey affirms that Jackson Hole’s trails and pathways networks are a benefit to the recreational and economic health of the community,” said Jeff Golightly, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

Pathways and Trails Survey Executive Summary 
Pathways and Trails Survey FULL
FOP P&T Survey Press Release
JH N&G: Nine of 10 county residents use pathways


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Trails Conditions

Youth Trail Crew to Complete Putt-Putt Reroute

  • June 29th, 2015

On Thursday July 2, Friends of Pathways’ Youth Trail Crew will complete work on the bike/hike portion of the Putt-Putt Trail from Nelson Drive. Immediately following completion, rehab will begin on the old section of trail.  In the next few weeks, a separate horse/hiking trail will be completed.

Construction on the Putt-Putt separate access began during National Trails Day. Seventy-five volunteers, fueled by Lucky’s Market, built a half mile of trail through the aspen tress from Nelson Drive. This portion of trail was visited by the Secretary of Agriculture, where Vilsack praised the partnership of FoP with the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

After the initial work, the youth crew completed another half mile of trail before moving over to do rehab work on the Shade Monkey Trail at the base of Snow King Mountain. The youth crew worked alongside our Ambassador team who used a machine to buff the trail and rebuild the corners while the crew rehabbed places with excessive erosion.

“Given the heat we’ve been experiencing, these kids deserve extra kudos for working outside in the sun all day,” said Katherine Dowson, FOP Executive Director. “Their contributions to our world-class trails system are indispensable. With continued budget cuts at the Bridger-Teton, Friends of Pathways is committed to community based solutions to support our loved trail system.”

Thursday, July 2nd, volunteers from Teton Science School Operation Purple, a Military Families Retreat, will work with the youth crew to complete the last stretch of trail.  They will then begin rehab of the old Putt-Putt Trail. If you want one last hike/run/bike on the old trail, make sure you get out there before Thursday! And, schedule some time this weekend to get out on the new trail!