Our community-wide goal is to help Grand Teton National Park with positive ideas, support, and protection.

All of us at FOP, our members and staff, love GTNP – and GTNP has asked for our best, robust ideas, so let’s all give our top level, problem-solving skills to help them.

Please consider the following additions to make Alternative C better for the environment and park visitors:

Human Safety: Our community values lives. With two tragic deaths where cyclists were killed by inattentive, distracted drivers on road shoulders in GTNP, we must discuss human safety so we can avoid more deaths or injuries. What price is a life lost to a preventable accident?

Transit: If the number of vehicles are the problem, then let’s solve it with proven transit and human power. Investigate eco, green solutions like smart shuttles with bike racks.

Air Quality: Long lines of idling cars in a no-idle community all summer will cause air quality impacts over time. This was a big issue in Yellowstone with snowmobiles. We want to encourage GTNP to rethink idling lines of cars at either end of the corridor waiting to get in.

  • Remember there is a 200 car limit over the 8 miles – one car in, one out, and that includes 160 parked vehicles, some that are there for multiple days. Lines of queued cars will be long.
  • Others will drive a 60 mile roundtrip from the West Bank, increasing pressure on Hwy 22, Spring Gulch and town roads, and putting more pressure on N89 in GTNP where wildlife will be more at risk from faster moving and greater volumes of vehicles.

Read Grand Teton National Park’s preferred alternative for the future of the Moose-Wilson Corridor and see if you can think of positive ways to help GTNP.

Let’s work together with the Park to craft Alternative C+

Ask the Park to enhance safety and protect the environment by including:
1) A separate pathway for safe public access outside of the car, and
2) Forward-thinking transportation solutions, like transit.

The park needs to hear from you! The public comment period has been extended until January 30th. You can share your comments about the Moose-Wilson Corridor online.

Important Documents
Grand Teton National Park Master Plan
2007 Transportation Plan Record of Decision
2015 Draft Environmental Impact Study (Preferred Alternative)