90% of respondents indicated that they use pathways and trails, 50% using them frequently. This amount of use demonstrates that public and private funds are being well used. “Every community says they’re exceptional and like to think they are, and you truly are,” said Chris Mehl, policy director of Headwaters Economics in Bozeman, Montana.  “You have a community, both town and county, that’s incredibly engaged in your overall trails and pathways system,” Mehl said. “It speaks well of your community.  That’s rare.” (JH News and Guide) On pathways, respondents demonstrated a very high level of satisfaction with summer maintenance and the general pathway system. Suggestions for improvements on pathways came in completing missing links, improving respectful use and improving winter grooming and plowing. On trails, respondents were also very satisfied with summer maintenance with the most respondents rating “more loop trails” and “separate user group experiences” as the most important improvements. Respondents would also like to see better use behavior, especially related to dogs. “I think this survey affirms that Jackson Hole’s trails and pathways networks are a benefit to the recreational and economic health of the community,” said Jeff Golightly, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.

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